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Meet the Team

Meet the International Solution Team of TTE.

Hazel Lince

Business and Product Development Manager here at TTE International

“Nearly all my roles have been focused on our commercial training with a particular emphasis on our international offering, allowing me to work with amazing people from all over the world. I have travelled to several countries in Africa and the Middle East as well as the United States of America, Indonesia and more recently Ukraine to fulfil my role.”

Hazel Lince

Rupert Summerfield

Senior Sales Manager here at TTE International

“Working internationally, I regularly get to see where TTE training really matters and the difference that training local content can bring to a region. The regions we work with often need us because their education system has gaps. TTE closes these learning gaps to enable local workers to work on local projects. This in turn can boost local economy and have a positive effect on a region.”

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