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Transform your business with an apprenticeship

Join the hundreds of businesses across the UK who recruit, retain and upskill through apprenticeships. Protect your bottom line by growing your team from the ground up and ensure they stay ahead of the latest industry developments. 

How apprenticeships help your business

Future-proof your business 

Employing an apprentice is a cost effective and sustainable way to help build and grow a strong workforce. Apprentices receive training and support to help develop the knowledge, skills and understanding they require to fit into key roles within your organisation. 

Fill your skills gap

TTE’s apprenticeship programme is designed to recruit apprentices around your individual business needs. If you feel you need to develop a specific skill set within the business or keep up to date with the latest technology and practices within your sector, hiring an apprentice can aid that development.

Develop existing staff 

Existing staff can also be trained through an apprenticeship. Training existing staff helps develop the specialist needed to keep up to date with the latest technology and helps create a loyal and happy workforce. Read some of our customer feedback from employers who already use our apprenticeship programmes. 

Increase productivity and efficiency 

On-the-job training means employees gain valuable skills and knowledge directly relevant to your business. They are able to immediately input their knowledge and learning into practice, making a real contribution to improving productivity. 

Increase motivation across teams 

Investing in career development improves employee satisfaction resulting in a more motivated and loyal team. Apprenticeships can help train and develop managers of the future by delivering quality on-the-job training and support. 

Reduce training and recruitment costs 

TTE offer a thorough and free recruitment service to help you find the right candidate, our experienced Training Advisors also work with you to train your apprentice.  

Talk to us about your next step

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