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Industry Work Placements

Become a stepping-stone for the future workforce

As part of the Middlesbrough College Group, TTE aims to ensure that all of its engineering and technical students have the opportunity to complete a high-quality work placement as part of their study programme. For some students, a work placement is essential for completing their course.

Work placements can vary in length and design, depending on the needs of both the employer and the student. As an employer, you decide which tasks and projects the students undertake. Our students are capable of performing the same duties as anyone else in the role, provided they receive proper training and supervision.

Here are some examples of work placement tasks and projects that engineering and technical students can undertake:

  • Assisting with the design, development, or testing of engineering products or systems
  • Conducting research
  • Using engineering software or tools
  • Troubleshooting and repairing engineering equipment
  • Managing projects or developing new processes
  • Working with clients or customers

Benefits to your business

Work placements and industry placements offered by Middlesbrough College Group provide a valuable opportunity for young people to gain work experience and kickstart their careers in technical engineering. These placements also present an important opportunity for businesses to differentiate themselves in the market by demonstrating their commitment to concepts such as “shared value” and “responsible business practices.”

There are numerous direct and indirect benefits for employers who offer work placements as part of their business strategy, including:

Direct benefits:

  • Access to a pool of talented and motivated students who are eager to learn and contribute to the business.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency, as students can take on tasks that would otherwise be completed by existing staff.
  • Fresh perspectives and new ideas from students who are up-to-date on the latest technologies and trends.

Indirect benefits:

  • Enhanced reputation as a socially responsible employer.
  • Increased employee engagement and morale, as staff are involved in training and mentoring students.
  • Opportunities to identify and recruit potential future employees.

In addition to the above, work placements can also help technical engineering employers to address specific challenges such as developing a pipeline of skilled workers to meet future needs, attract and retain more diverse workforce, and foster innovation by bringing in students’ fresh perspectives.

If you are an employer who is interested in offering a work placement to a Middlesbrough College Group student, please contact us. We are happy to discuss your needs and match you with a suitable.

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