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Mechanical Engineering

Design your career in mechanical engineering

In the UK, the mechanical engineering industry is a diverse and dynamic sector that forms the backbone of numerous industries. It encompasses design, development and maintenance of mechanical systems, machinery and equipment. Mechanical engineers  play a crucial part on various sectors including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, energy and construction. They need to think logically and be able to solve problems, modifying designs and communicating changes.

Studying mechanical engineering at TTE, you will be taught the practical and theoretical skills associated with mechanical maintenance and construction. Our expert tutors will ensure you are equipped with the skills and knowledge in key topics such as basic bench fitting/hand tool skills, workshop safety, measuring and marking out, gears and bearings, pump maintenance, compressors, valves, pipe fitting, alignment techniques, seals and lubrication, key fitting and shafts.

Alongside your practical training you will also complete a recognised academic qualification which will include maths, health and safety, electrical theory and electronic principles.

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