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Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement – Customers

This is the privacy statement of TTE Technical (UK) and Subsidiaries, registered at Edison House, Middlesbrough Road East, Southbank, Middlesbrough, TS6 6TZ, United Kingdom.

This statement sets out what information we collect about you, how we handle that data, how we maintain security of that data and your legal rights.
For more information please see our website:

Please read to these terms before sending us information about yourself either via post, electronically or on-line.

What we do?

TTE is a group of companies who provide training of Apprenticeships, Study Programmes, various short courses both accredited and non-accredited, Compex courses, as well as providing bespoke technical training to address global training solutions.

TTE employ qualified trainers and Assessors and will work with relevant third parties, including Sub-Contractor training providers and Awarding Bodies to support the Candidate throughout the term of the learning.

What information we will collect about you?

If you book onto a course TTE will collect personal data as identified below. This information is required to ensure that we can communicate with you regarding the learning experience and requirements and to ensure that we are communicating with the correct candidate. It is also required by the relevant awarding body for the purposes of issuing certification.

Information collected:

  • Name of candidate
  • Address of candidate if applying as an individual.
  • Telephone contact and email address
  • If the training is requested by a company, then the company address and company contact details will be required
  • Date of birth of Candidate
  • Gender
  • Home address
  • Details of relevant experience and competencies/qualifications to support your application
  • Photograph
  • Previously achieved qualifications (certificates /letters from employers)

How we use your information?

  • TTE will use the information we collect to
  • Communicate with the Individual or Business regarding the qualification being studied and to verify identity.
  • Forward any certification onto the Candidate/Business as appropriate
  • Share with the relevant Awarding Bodies/Third Parties as identified in the Sharing of Information section below
  • For administrative and internal statistical recording
  • Prevent crime and fraud

Who we share your information with?

  • Employees of TTE who have a requirement to know your information so that the training delivery and support can be carried out effectively throughout the term of the learning. Only relevant information would be shared with relevant persons.
  • Relevant persons would include: Trainers and Assessors, Booking administrators, Certificate registration personnel and Finance.

Relevant Sub-contracted Training Providers is applicable:

In this instance the Sub-contractor would be


Relevant Awarding Bodies

In this instance the Relevant Awarding Body and their website would be


  • Government Bodies where we are required to
    • Comply with our legal obligations
    • Exercise our legal rights (e.g. pursue a court case for non payment etc.)
    • For the detection and prevention of fraud and crime
    • In the case of Apprenticeships we will have an obligation to share information with Ofsted, Education Skills Funding Agency as well as any of the above.
    • In the case of International bespoke training delivery programmes we will have an obligation to share information with Border agencies if requested, as well as the above.
  • As an organisation pursuing delivery of training, we may sometimes need to process your data to comply with a legal obligation, as a necessity for the performance of a contract; in exceptional circumstances (i.e. where you are taken to A&E and they may require specific medical information we hold that you are unable to communicate yourself) or to pursue our legitimate business interests, for example to prevent fraud, for administrative purposes or reporting potential crimes.

Our legitimate interests are:

  • Network security – as specified in our IT governance policies to protect customers and learners data from abuse by registered users.
  • Personalisation – analytics to inform on our marketing strategy
  • Evidential purposes associated with the CCTV system.
  • Employee relations to provide information to book business travel
  • Direct marketing to provide update on details of activities and upcoming events
  • Web analytics to support our social media posts, page views, reviews, followers, etc.
  • Course feedback for internal analytics to act upon any recommendation, opportunities for improvements and customer feedbacks. To support our business improvement.

We will never process your data where these interests are overridden by your own interests.

How we maintain security of your data?

  • TTE only share will the relevant people/organisations as indicated above
  • TTE ensure that any information stored is stored securely and protected from access by non-authorised persons.
  • Security controls are in place to ensure that electronic systems are protected from non authorised access.
  • TTE will only store your data for a maximum of 6 years to comply with financial regulations,
    unless funding has been obtained (predominantly in the case of Apprenticeships) in which case the regulations stipulate information to be kept for 13 years.
  • TTE regularly review Awarding Bodies websites to ensure that they contain relevant privacy notices that are compliant with legislation
  • TTE’s contractual documentation with subcontractors expressly states that subcontractors must be compliant with legislation around Data Protection.

Your legal rights:

  • Make a request in writing to see what information we hold for you
  • To ask us to amend any data that we hold that is incorrect
  • To request we remove all data that we hold about you (as long as this is not in breach of legal / contractual or legitimate interests)

Should you wish to exercise any of the above rights above please contact us by email:

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