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Ex TTE Employee recruits from across the globe

23 Jan 2024
Tony Scott

Tony Scott, who began his career as an apprentice at British Steel in 1979, is using past TTE students and apprentices to grow his business in America.  

Previously employed by TTE from 1999 to 2008, Tony now owns Global Ex Solutions. 

“At TTE I worked in training and business development roles. I enjoyed my time at TTE and met highly skilled and talented people. The knowledge I gained in hazardous areas was incredible, and along with my business development experience, I had an excellent base to expand my career across the globe.  

Tony moved to Houston, Texas, in 2008 for a role as General Manager for an international commissioning, training, and inspection company, where he built an excellent reputation and eventually bought the business and incorporated it into his company Global Ex Solutions.  

Global Ex Solutions provides expert Hazardous Inspection and Training Solutions across the globe and gives their clients direct global access to knowledge, experience, and expertise so they can properly manage their assets.  

“We’re involved in many different projects of different scales, so the business needs to employ people on a contract basis who can be reliable and hard-working.”  

The solid foundation of learning that TTE students and apprentices have gained during their studies drives Tony back to them for projects.  

“When recruiting for projects, I have always found myself steering back to TTE and its learners as, from my experience, their work ethic is unrivaled, and the skills they have acquired in their training give me the confidence they will do an exemplary job.”  

One example is Carl Weldon, who began his career as a TTE apprentice in 2001. Tony recruited Carl to work on a project in the East Mediterranean and has made such a great impression they will be working on new projects next year.  

“Carl has been excellent. I advertised the job on LinkedIn, Carl applied, and the rest is history. We needed to employ people with the right skills and training – part of the project was doing inspections and training CompEx, and Carl was perfect for this.”  

“It’s reaffirming to see so many highly skilled people come from TTE constantly; it makes me immensely proud to have worked there and to come from an apprenticeship background myself; it certainly gave me a good foundation.”  

Carl has been thrilled with the whole experience and knows if it wasn’t for TTE, he may not have had such exciting opportunities:  

“My studies have definitely put me in a good position for the future; the training and experience I have gained have helped me work on exciting projects and build partnerships with people like Tony.” 

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