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Wintershall Libya

27 September 2014

TTE won the contract to deliver a mentoring and training programme for Wintershall in Libya.

TTE International won the contract to deliver training and competence assessment in the field in Libya.
The objective of the contract was to create a solution for Wintershall to develop mentoring and training programmes to further develop Libyan nationals and to ensure they had a competent and safe workforce. The workforce had an understanding of Wintershall’s operations on a broad scale, focusing not only on technical fundamentals but also having a good comprehension of involved risks, their identification and mitigation, as well as a profound knowledge of all matters summarised under the term HSE.

Scope of work

  • the establishment and management of a competence management system for Wintershall’s production and maintenance personnel
  • A programme of “on the job” training and workplace assessments to establish any learning gaps which could be documented, addressed and updated via the competency management system
  • Development of Libyan personnel to become trainers and mentors

As part of the contract TTE worked with a number of awarding organisations including EAL and City & Guilds to determine the most appropriate qualification to meet the needs of Wintershall given the stipulation that they wanted to introduce UK NVQ programmes.

Within the contract, TTE was charged with improving skills and assessing the competence of the technicians within the following disciplines:

  • Motor Vehicle (11 trainees)
  • Laboratory (19 trainees)
  • HVAC (21 trainees)
  • Well Services (22 trainees)
  • Electrical (27 trainees)
  • Instrumentation (32 trainees)
  • Process Operations (31 trainees)
  • Telecommunications (16 trainees)
  • Warehousing

In order to achieve this ,TTE undertook a process of duty task analysis and gap analysis for each of the technicians within the listed disciplines. TTE also developed on the job assessor and supervisor task books.

Due to the civil unrest in Libya the contract has been placed in force majeure.

Type of contract

Winterhsall Competence Development Project

Course location

Corinthal Bab Africa, Commercial Centre, P.O. Box 46.905.9105, Tripoli, Libya.

Commencement and completion dates

January 2011 > September 2014