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Petrotekno Laboratory Training

28 December 2015

Petrotekno appoint TTE to provide laboratory training to apprentice technicians.

TTE International were appointed by Petrotekno, an international leading provider of operations and maintenance training based in Indonesia, to provide laboratory training and assessments to six apprentice technicians from Donggi Sonoro.

TTE’s role

Petrotekno deliver a range of courses that are targeted at high school/diploma graduates entering the industry or existing operations and maintenance personnel who are looking to gain additional knowledge and skills. TTE’s role within the contract was to facilitate competency development and operational support activities.

Summary of main activities:

  • Assisted in finding an appropriate laboratory industrial environment for training and initial competency to be assessed before on plant operations could commence.
  • Developed and implemented a bespoke laboratory competence qualification that could be assessed in an ISO17025 laboratory environment.
  • Provided consultancy, advice and guidance on implementation of a training programme undertaken at a third party laboratory.
  • Provided detailed task booklets audited against Sucofindo operations to ensure learner achievement against the standards.
  • Supplied technical competence assessors/IQAs to assess and manage learner development in laboratory operations against the standards.
  • Provided English language training prior to laboratory programme assessment.

Type of contract

Provision of Services Agreement

Customer location

Taman Tekno Blok E3, No 10 Burni Serpong Damai, Tangerang, Indonesia.

Commencement and completion dates

July 2015 > December 2015