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Petrotekno Apprentices

27 December 2015

TTE train and develop Petrotekno apprenticeship to Level 2 NVQ standards.

TTE International undertook the training and development of 43 technicians; comprising of 7 Electrical, 7 Instrumentation, 7 Mechanical, 22 Process Operations from Donngi Senoro to achieve the minimum standard of a Level 2 NVQ. The training took place at the Petrotekno Puncak training facility on the island of Java in Indonesia.

TTE’s role

TTE was contracted by Petrotekno to undertake the training and development of 43 technicians. Prior to undertaking the training, TTE provided Petrotekno with HSE consultancy support to ensure the facility was compliant with standards. In addition TTE also provided support and technical expertise on the design, construction and build of the pilot plant equipment.

To fulfil this contract TTE provided trainers, assessors and IQA’s on a rotational basis of 28/28 days working a 6 day week.

Outcomes of the training were:

  • 22 Process Operations Apprentices achieved Process Technicians EAL Level 3 NVQ Certificate in Process Operations (Process Technician Pathway and Oil and Gas Sector).
  • 21 Engineering Maintenance Apprentices achieved Level 2 Performing Engineering Operations in their respective disciplines.

As well as achieving their technical qualification the technicians also undertook First Aid, COSHH and HSE training.

In addition to the technical staff, TTE also provided one full time English teacher via a subcontract arrangement over a period of 31 weeks to enhance the learners English language skills

Type of contract

DSLNG Apprentice Training

Customer location

Taman Tekno Blok E3, No 10 Burni Serpong Damai, Tangerang, Indonesia.

Commencement and completion dates

May 2015 > December 2015


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