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27 June 0216

TTE work with MODEC to provide consultancy on their fabrication facility in Ghana.

In 2008, MODEC was awarded the Kwame Nkrumah FPSO by the Jubilee partners. As part of the tender, MODEC committed to a Local Content Plant for the operational phase. After MODEC achieved the award they decided to look at opportunities to fabricate certain components of the FPSO in Ghana.

MODEC researched into a potential Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme in 2009. Over the course of the development of the CSR programme, MODEC consulted various entities including Tullow Oil, Ghana Department of Health, Ghana Ministry of Energy, Texas A&M University’s “African Studies”, the US State Department and USAID.

Simultaneous to MODEC efforts, Tullow Oil contracted TTE Technical International, to conduct a “strategic review for vocational skills and competency development for Ghana”.

Vocational training

A specific training need to be immediately implemented was in the area of welding (Certified Welder and Welding Inspection). MODEC proposed that an AWS test facility be located in Accra/Tema and in Takoradi.

A feasibility study was conducted in 2013 to determine the location of the proposed welder training centre. The final decision, following the study, was to refurbish an existing fabrication workshop within the Regional Maritime University, Tema, Accra, Ghana.

TTE’s role

TTE provided consultancy services to fully refurbish the existing facility and to ensure it was equipped with the necessary equipment and competent trained staff, to fulfil the objectives defined by the client.

A broad summary of the consultancy provided included consultancy services and subject matter guidance and expertise on the design, development and refurbishment of an existing fabrication facility to meet and exceed the demands of the fabrication and construction companies within the region.

To provide an operational, fully equipped, modern welding and fabrication training band testing facility, the activities included:

  • Acquisition and review of relevant welding standards and procedures
  • Design and develop client specific welding procedures and testing protocols
  • Conduct machinery guarding audit
  • Determine machinery guarding remedial works
  • Determine existing workshop areas to be used
  • Determine preliminary scope of works for refurbishment
  • Conduct staff Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Conduct staff practical assessments
  • Conduct fixed electrical wiring inspections
  • Determine proposed training delivery requirements
  • Determine priary kit and equipment requirements
  • Determine staff training requirements (Report)
  • Determine LEV GV requirements
  • identify and source primary items of it and equipment for welder training facility
  • Complete remedial workd for electrical installation and machinery guarding
  • Compilation of course notes in accordance with proposed training objectives
  • Provision of site inspections regarding the refurbishment of existing facilities (welding bays and associated areas), installation of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) and General Ventilation (GV)
  • Supervision and guidance on the installation of primary kit and equipment
  • Development of centre specific quality management manual and associated processes
  • Development of centre specific HSE operating manual and Safety Management System

It was envisaged the Regional Maritime University (RMU) would be able to deliver a welder training and welder approval and testing facility, to support all regional fabrication companies working on the Kwame Nkrumah FPSO project and all other fabrication projects in support of MODEC’s operations within this region.

Type of contract

Training and Consultancy Services

Course location

Regional Maritime University, Accra, Ghana.

Commencement and completion dates

March 2014 > June 2016