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CompEx Foundation

Level 1
1.5 days
Part Time
UK JTL Certificate
TTE Technical (UK) Ltd

Course overview

The course is aimed at senior management, electrical supervisors, project engineers, contract managers and non-practitioners involved in hazardous area work activity, to enable a greater appreciation of the hazards associated with working in explosive atmospheres and the promotion of safe working practices.

The ATEX Directive legislation underlines the need for practitioners in potentially explosive environments or hazardous areas to be competent. It is implemented through regulations 7 and 11 of DSEAR – Dangerous Substances and Explosive Regulations.

This unit is established as underpinning knowledge and is only to give the individual an overview of the requirements of working safely in an explosive atmosphere.


The aim of the course is to provide course delegates with the knowledge and understanding of terminology and protection concepts that are utilised in potentially flammable atmospheres.


At the end of the course you will:

•Understand the concept of area classification and the need to zone flammable atmospheres accordingly
•Understand the terminology and definitions associated with hazardous areas
•Understand the various protection concepts
•Understand IP codes in relation to ingress protection
•Understand current ATEX directives
•Have an awareness of DSEAR Regulations
•Understand equipment groups and temperature rating

Course Fee:

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